Our Story

Capstone Infrastructure's vision is to be a Canadian leader in owning and operating diversified infrastructure businesses that benefit the communities we serve, the people we employ, and our investors.  Our mission is to provide investors with an attractive total return from responsibly managed long-term investments in core infrastructure in Canada and internationally.

Globally, infrastructure requirements are significant and growing, driven by underinvestment as well as major factors of change such as global economic growth, technological progress, climate change, urbanization and growing congestion.   Constrained government budgets and aging core infrastructure ---- roads, bridges, water and wastewater services, utilities and power generation --- are creating an opportunity for private sector investment in infrastructure.   Modern, efficient infrastructure supports economic growth, a high quality of life and greater prosperity. 

Capstone’s portfolio comprises investments in Canada’s power infrastructure, including gas cogeneration, wind, hydro, biomass and solar power generating facilities, representing approximately net 505 megawatts of installed capacity.

Through our development subsidiary, Capstone Power Development, we are also focused on developing, acquiring and re-powering clean electricity generation projects in North America.  Our pipeline of wind power development projects currently totals approximately net 20 megawatts of capacity.