Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The long-term success of our business depends on our continuing financial, environmental and social responsibility, which leads to enduring relationships with our stakeholders. These stakeholders include shareholders, employees, customers, landowners, community residents, governments, partners and suppliers, among others.

Our commitment to financial responsibility includes delivering sustainable income and an attractive total return to our shareholders.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility includes managing the impact of our businesses on resources such as water, energy and other raw materials as well as on our employees, customers, investors and the communities we serve.

Our commitment to social responsibility includes respecting the needs and rights of our employees and contractors to a healthy, safe workplace. Our approach to health and safety at our facilities is comprehensive, with extensive annual training across a range of safety and operational topics. Our social responsibility commitment also includes contributing to the quality of life in the communities where our businesses operate. Capstone Infrastructure, together with its employees, has a history of community engagement and fundraising, supporting health organizations and causes, children’s sports teams and various community and social services.

We manage these responsibilities throughout the investment process, which includes:
  • Review and evaluation of possible acquisitions. Our due diligence process includes reviewing a business’ environmental and occupational health and safety risk management as part of our assessment of the broader risk management framework.
  • Ongoing management. We maintain a comprehensive risk management system to manage our obligations and risks, which helps to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements as well as timely identification and resolution of issues.
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